June 15, 2012  |  Adjournment Matter

Essendon Keilor College: Funding

 I  wish  to  raise  a matter  for the  Minister for Education. The  action  I  seek  is that the minister provide the urgent funding needed to bring the facilities at  Essendon  Keilor  College  up to the standard required to deliver the excellent programs on offer at the  school.  During  the 2010 state election campaign Labor pledged $10 million towards the redevelopment of  the  school.  Regrettably, following the election  the  Baillieu  government refused to  honour  Labor’s commitment. The  school was again  neglected  in the recent 2012-13 state budget. This is despite  the Minister for Education stating last year:

  … the conditions out  at that  school are  disgusting, they are not safe for  teachers, they are not good for those students.

Last year over 1600  people  signed  a petition which acknowledged that the poor condition of  the  current Essendon Keilor  College facilities and the  state of disrepair of a number  of buildings are  adversely  affecting the education  and learning experience of students attending the college.

I recently  visited the  school and  got to see firsthand not only the  school’s need for funding but its commitment to  learning.  Essendon  Keilor College is a fantastic school which plays a leading role in a number of education initiatives and is recognised  as a  leader in innovative practices. I urge the Minister for Education to match the  commitment to learning displayed  by the college through providing adequate  funding to create a  school environment that  sends students the message  that their school matters, their education matters and their future matters.